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How can I select which assessments count towards the students' overall grades?
How can I select which assessments count towards the students' overall grades?

You can determine which assessments do and do not count in the summary section grade calculation with a few simple clicks.

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The Summary section at the far right side of a tracker shows both a current grade and an average unit grade, which by default will be calculated based on all of the assessments on the tracker. However, if your tracker contains assessments that are no longer relevant or you want your students' grades to only reflect a certain set of assessments (for example recent mock results), the video below explains how you can change what is counting and which classes show which assessments:

The first step is to find the assessments that are currently counting towards the students' overall grades. From the home page, hover over Tracking and then select Assessments, before using the dropdown boxes to choose the classes you're looking to edit. You can also access this same menu from the tracker, by toggling Tools and then clicking Edit Assessments.

From here you'll be able to see a full list of the assessments of that type that are assigned to the corresponding specification and year group. To edit these, click Quick Edit


from the top right corner, and you will then be able to tick and untick the boxes on this page as necessary.

To stop an assessment from counting towards the overall grades, make sure that the box furthest to the left (in the slightly darker column) is unticked. The boxes over to the right hand side pertain to which classes you would like this assessment to show for.

You are able to repeat this as many times as necessary for your different subjects and year groups, but it is worth noting that each class must have at least one Published Assessment set as counting towards the overall grades per unit. For more info on how Published Assessments work in this regard, please take a look at the following article:

Once you have edited the assessments on your tracker to your choosing, the Current and Average Unit Grade columns in the summary section will be based solely upon those assessments that are left as counting, whether these are your latest tests, PPEs or whatever makes the most sense in your context.

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