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Using your trackers
Using your trackers

Here you can find all the info you need to make sure you're getting the most out of your trackers.

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How can I add my own tests to my tracker?This article will take you through the steps to add Customised Assessments to your trackers.
How can I add a Published Assessment to my tracker?This article will walk you through the steps to add past papers to your trackers.
How can I copy an assessment from one tracker to another?Pupil Progress' 'Copy existing assessment' does exactly what it says on the tin
What do I do if I only have data for part of a unit?This article will show you how to calculate a grade for a partially completed unit.
How can I modify the questions on a Published Assessment?This article explains how you can add or remove questions from published past papers on Pupil Progress.
How can I select which assessments count towards the students' overall grades?You can determine which assessments do and do not count in the summary section grade calculation with a few simple clicks.
How do Customised Assessments calculate grades?Regardless of the maximum marks available on your test, adding a customised assessment will scale to ensure relevance.
How can I add a mixed calculator and non-calculator paper to my Maths tracker?You may set mini-tests that combine calculator and non-calculator questions that you don't wish to add to a specific past paper.
How can I edit or delete a Published Assessment (Past Paper)You can change the name of a Published Assessment, whether it counts in the grades and the classes that it is showing for.
How do I edit a Customised Assessment?You can change the name, marks, QLA and classes it appears in, as well as altering the order of your tests.
How can I hide or delete a Customised Assessment?No longer need a test on your tracker? Assessments can easily be deleted or hidden by clicking the three dots.
How can I add my own custom grade boundaries to my assessment?You can add your own grade boundaries for GCSE Maths, Science and MFL, and all A-Level Customised Assessments.
How can I add mathematical symbols to my tracker's text fields?You're able to add symbols to assessment titles and questions on Pupil Progress
What if I only want to enter grades directly into my GCSE tracker?It's possible, although not recommended, to enter grades into your Pupil Progress tracker.
How can I add a low stakes assessment to the tracker (without grades)?Grades can easily be hidden when adding formative assessments to Pupil Progress
How can I add an alternative grade boundary series to Published Assessments?Pupil Progress' Copy Assessment feature means any past paper can be treated as a Customised Assessment
How can I add an AS paper to an A-Level tracker?Despite having different grade boundaries and marks available, Pupil Progress makes it easy to alternative papers on your tracker.
How can I hide my tracker's default assessment?You can hide the default assessment from the tracker if you're not looking to use this.
What do I need to do to participate in the the 2023 PiXL Waves powered by Pupil Progress?This article explains how easy it is to get involved with the new Waves using your Pupil Progress trackers.
How can I copy multiple assessments at the same time?This article explains how you can duplicate your existing assessments, such as those from last year
How can I export my Pupil Progress data into the PiXL Maths app?Easily transfer your tracker's data into the PiXL Maths app for further analysis.

How can I copy my existing assessment data into Pupil Progress?Your tracker's bulk edit tool allows you to transfer data from an existing source by copying and pasting
How can I export the data from my tracker?You can export your tracker view into an Excel file in a couple of clicks.
How to edit the default student reportThe default template is used when downloading individual student reports, and can easily be changed by School Admin users
How do I see a whole year overview per qualification?You can see your whole year group overview with just one click.
How can I download reports for a whole class or year group?It's simple to bulk download student reports, making parents evening that little bit easier.
What do the colours in my tracker mean?Once you set your students' MTGs, you'll see that their grades become colour-coded in your trackers.
How can I change my Grade Boundaries?This article explains how you can change your tracker's grade boundaries to another exam series or shift them to adjust the challenge level.
How do I use my vocational trackers?This article will provide you guidance on how to use your Cambridge National, Technical, BTEC, City & Guilds and other vocational trackers.
Why can't I enter data into columns?If you can't enter marks into your tracker, and are seeing a no-entry icon pop up, you may need to expand your columns.
How can I filter my class tracker based on my students' distance from their target?Your Pupil Progress trackers help you to easily identify which students are and are not on target
Where can I add my Teacher Predicted Grades?You can include your Teacher Predicted Grades in your trackers, and collate them together across the whole school using our Analysis tool.
How to use ForecastThis will not only help you increase the accuracy of your forecasts, but it will also show you how far away students are from their target.
How can I filter the data in my trackers?You are able to filter data in your tracker by grades or student attributes to clearly see all that you need.
What are Target Grids?Target Grids show you at a glance how many marks away from the next grade your students are.
How to access Individual Student ReportsIndividual reports will motivate your students, evidence progress and support parents with the information they need
Why are my class' average unit grades different to their actual unit grades?Pupil Progress uses notional grade boundaries, meaning that there can sometimes be variation between unit and overall grades.
How can I suggest a new feature to Pupil Progress?Have an idea to make yours or your colleagues' experience better, or just interested in what we're up to? Check out our Productboard page.
How can I enable fine grading on the Teacher Predicted Grade?Once enabled by an admin, teachers are able to add a fine grade to the TPG column.
How can I sort my students by their marks or grades?You can easily change the order of your class's students, based on any of your tracker's columns
How can I tag specific students?Pupil Progress' Tagging feature allows you to easily set intervention markers for specific subjects or across the whole school
How can I compare my data to the PiXL Waves?You're able to show the PiXL national average on your tracker in a few simple clicks.
How can I create an intervention group in Pupil Progress?You're able to easily set up intervention tags straight from your tracker
What do the different sections of an individual student report mean?This article explains the different types of student report, and what each section means.
How can I see my students' Pupil Premium / SEN statuses? (Configure Columns)You're able to add subcategory data to your view in a few clicks
How can I add a single assessment's QLA to an individual student report?Share your students' QLA within the additional context of their full report in a few clicks